caring for your writing instrument

S.T. Dupont writing instruments are made with the greatest care by our craftsmen.

S.T. Dupont writing instruments are made by our craftsmen with the greatest care.

In order to preserve their brilliance and performance over the years, we invite you to follow the care instructions below:

Please clean all surfaces with a soft cloth. Solvent-based products are not recommended. For silver-coated surfaces, use a special silver cloth available from specialist shops. Silver is a precious material that can show signs of oxidation over time. This natural phenomenon can be accentuated if your pen is in prolonged contact with leather or rubber.

For our pens, it is preferable to use S.T. Dupont refill cartridges. Please clean the nib supply duct regularly.

Use the convertor to circulate cold water through the capillary, repeating the piston effect until the water runs clear.

To avoid any risk of leakage when travelling by plane, fit your pen with a new cartridge or a full convertor and carry the nib upwards.

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