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Discover the Atelier Haute Creation Craftsmanship

Since 1872, S.T. Dupont has been designing and manufacturing high quality accessories with the greatest respect for traditional artisanry, all at its Faverges workshops located in the French Alps. In 1941, using all its creativity and expertise, S.T. Dupont created their first luxury lighter which was destined to become an iconic object of desire worldwide.

Atelier Haute Creation is reserved for the most exclusive and bespoke pieces, and the artisans who work in these workshops have years of experience and expertise in the craft of jewellery making. In addition to creating bespoke pieces for high-end clientele, the collections feature unique designs that push the boundaries of traditional jewellery making, incorporating innovative techniques and cutting-edge technology.

Today, the innovative spirit of the Maison reaches new heights with the Lucky Skull Pocket Complication Lighter. Drawing inspiration from the classic 421 dice game, artisans have meticulously crafted this quintessential luxury toy to ensure that each component balances performance, aesthetics, and pleasure. Craftsmen have carefully designed every detail to offer a unique experience, blending traditional gaming elements with technological innovation. The Lucky Skull Pocket Complication Lighter is a centrepiece for collectors and luxury enthusiasts alike.

Lucky Skull Complication Lighter, the quintessential of luxury toys


The artisan’s expertise transforms an everyday object into a work of art, embodying both innovation and heritage. This lighter exemplifies how inspired design and expert craftmanship can create extraordinary, conversation-starting pieces, elevating a simple tool into a luxury item.

The ultimate complication lighter, which amplifies a mesmerizing micro mechanical skull movement.

Careful diligence ensures each lighter is unique, merging traditional gaming culture with modern luxury. The intricate designs and meticulous craftmanship highlight the perfect fusion of past and present, making each piece a standout in any collection.


The master craftsmen drew inspiration from the traditional 421 dice game and a unique skull design.

They cleverly incorporated the skull's orbits and jaws into the lighter's mechanism, creating an engaging experience. By pressing a button on the side, users can roll the dice, showcasing the artisans' creativity and skill.


The Lucky Skull Pocket Complication Lighter features an engraved fleur-de-lis motif, enhancing its aesthetic appeal, with 26 visible watchmaking rubies adding elegance and luxury.

The sapphire glass reveals a central skull matching the lighters finish, creating a cohesive and striking design. This masterpiece combines fine watchmaking micromechanics with jewel-inspired artistry.


Produced in a limited edition of 88 pieces per colorway, this lighter exemplifies exclusivity and luxury.

The Lucky Skull Pocket Complication Lighter is available for customization.

A blank backplate is available for personalization to create your own design. It can be engraved with any shapes, logos, patterns, initials, etc.


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