Slimmy lighters by S.T. Dupont: The blue flame rekindled

“Less is more” underpins the design of S.T. Dupont's latest creations, epitomized by Slimmy, a model that rejuvenates the Jet range with a clean, modern aesthetic and unparalleled functionality. This newcomer is joined by the Biggy and Twiggy lighters, each adding a contemporary twist to the heritage that has been celebrated since the 1950s, blending boldness with a signature modernist design of S.T. Dupont.

S.T. Dupont, the pioneer of the "blue flame" torch lighter, revolutionized the portable lighter world in the early 2000s with an innovative ignition system. This system enables a powerful torch flame to emerge with a simple squeeze of the side trigger, marking a first in the portable ignition industry. The first models, made of aluminium and named X-Tend, set the stage for the brass Jet series, demonstrating that elegance can indeed pair with simplicity.

Slimmy, an icon of elegance and technology

Directly inspired by the Maison's historical archives, Slimmy modernly reinterprets the iconic Ligne 2 and the legendary Slim 7, the world’s thinnest luxury lighter. With only 9 millimetres in thickness and weighing 45 grams, Slimmy pushes the boundaries of technical innovation while maintaining a timeless elegance.

This new model perfectly blends performance with aesthetics. Featuring Diamond-head guilloche finishes in chrome and gold, Slimmy presents itself as a jewel of portable technology. The signature lacquering of the Maison is available in vibrant hues like sky blue, coral, dark blue, and the classic black and white, adding a subtle touch of colour that enhances its sophisticated design.

The new reference in style and functionality

Slimmy is more than just a stylish object; it is designed to be the perfect tool for cigar and cigarette aficionados, offering an optimal experience with each use. Its torch flame is ideal for precise and quick lighting, crucial in outdoor settings. Lightweight and compact, Slimmy easily slips into a jacket pocket or handbag, making it the ideal companion for those who value both aesthetics and functionality.

With its modern yet timeless look, Slimmy is the preferred choice for those seeking to combine tradition with innovation. Beyond its advanced technical capabilities, it stands as a symbol of refined living, reflecting the spirit of Maison S.T. Dupont, which celebrates elegance in every detail.

With Slimmy, S.T. Dupont is pushing the limits of excellence in the high-end lighter industry, ensuring that each flame is as remarkable as the design that houses it. Slimmy transcends the traditional function of a lighter to become an expression of style and a testament to uncompromising craftsmanship.

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