Minijet, Maxijet & Megajet Lighters

The Maxijet lighter by S.T. Dupont is the fruit of extensive precision and innovation. Such work has resulted in an accessory that stands out for its robustness as well as its highly desirable look. Thanks to outstanding expertise, each lighter is unique and has been designed as a fine example of elegance. Choosing an S.T. Dupont accessory ensures high-quality with unparalleled design.

The perfect companion for the discerning cigar lover

Lighting a cigar requires a powerful flame that can also preserve its aroma. It is, therefore, best to opt for a specially adapted Maxijet lighter, such as the one by the Maison S.T. Dupont. This model offers a uniform and consistent flame. Available in stunning finishes, these accessories are perfect for cigar aficionados. The Maxijet lighter is extremely powerful in any situation, thanks to its torch flame. Some models also feature a transparent gauge, which allows you to see the current fuel level and prepare for refills.

A prestigious accessory

Models designed by S.T. Dupont call for particularly meticulous work, whether it is in their design or finishing touches. Each piece in our range of luxury accessories has been crafted using fine materials for an extraordinary result. Elegant silhouettes are paired with bold designs, transforming simple accessories like the Maxijet lighter into prestigious items.

S.T. Dupont Maxijet lighters

During production, the Maison S.T. Dupont paid particular attention to the quality of craftsmanship to make each accessory a coveted collector’s piece. From the most understated models to those with highly elaborate designs, no stone is left unturned. Assembling pieces S.T. Dupont promises precision in each piece for unique luxury, as demonstrated in our engraving, motifs, as well as the assembly of our pieces.

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