S.T. Dupont Minijet Lighters

Anyone who has used a lighter outdoors is well aware that it is not always an easy task. Without a lighter specifically designed for this purpose, you will need several attempts to produce a flame when the weather is rough. Try our Minijet lighter line and feel the difference. Thanks to their powerful and ample flame, they are highly efficient under all circumstances.

An original and practical essential

Our lighters provide excellent ergonomic comfort and are pleasant to hold. Whether you need them several times a day or occasionally, you will always enjoy using them. Slip the know-how of our long-standing Maison into your pocket with the Minijet collection.

Highly appealing design

The Minijet accentuates chrome work. Choose from a monochrome lighter made entirely from brushed chrome or a model with bold, contrasting colours. The combination of metallic grey and red or navy blue is always a wise and sober option. Our craftspeople work with delicately shiny lacquer to add coloured highlights to our lighters for a shimmering effect.

A luxurious accessory to accompany you everywhere

This accessory by S.T. Dupont is a delight to offer as a present or keep for yourself. Make a loved one smile and give a business gift that will not go unnoticed thanks to its highly refined and original design. When choosing your new lighter, remember to stock up on S.T. Dupont gas refills to reuse it seconds with minimal effort.

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