Casino Complication

Casino Complication

Haute création


Discover the Atelier Haute Creation Craftsmanship

Since 1872, S.T. Dupont has been designing and manufacturing high quality accessories with the greatest respect for traditional artisanry, all at its Faverges workshops located in the French Alps. In 1941, using all its creativity and expertise, S.T. Dupont created their first luxury lighter which was destined to become an iconic object of desire worldwide.

Atelier Haute Creation is reserved for the most exclusive and bespoke pieces, and the artisans who work in these workshops have years of experience and expertise in the craft of jewellery making. In addition to creating bespoke pieces for high-end clientele, the collections feature unique designs that push the boundaries of traditional jewellery making, incorporating innovative techniques and cutting-edge technology.

To celebrate the 150th Anniversary of S.T. Dupont, the workshop has developed the Casino Pocket Complication Lighter. It combines storytelling and micromechanical know-how, resonating with the spirit of the Maison Dupont which is constantly releasing stunning pieces and breaking boundaries.

Undoubtedly the most complicated S.T. Dupont lighter ever produced.


The Casino Pocket Complication lighter sapphire glass reveals the rotating roulette wheel with the moving roulette ball, engravings of a number of jewels, unique limited-edition number as well as the foundation date of 1872 of the S.T. Dupont Atelier.


The Casino Pocket Complication Lighter is a true engineering masterpiece which is the representation of the very best of S.T. Dupont’s commitment to quality, craftmanship, and innovation.

Swiss made 250-part skeleton complication set and 75-part lighter micro mechanism made in France.


Jewels, or jewel bearings, are tiny, durable pieces of synthetic ruby that are set into drilled holes at specific areas of the movement that are particularly susceptible to stress (like the escapement, the balance, and the gear train) in order to reduce friction.

26 Rubies are used for the Casino Pocket Complication Lighter.


LIMITED TO 88 pieces

Only 88 pieces worldwide. Made to order.

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