S.T. Dupont Cigar Lighters

S.T. Dupont’s ambition is to help you step out of the ordinary and stand out with unparalleled refinement and grace. Since its creation, its collections have been designed to perfect your every day to the smallest detail. Lighting a cigar calls for a particular elegance and exquisite item to mark this rare pleasure. Why not opt for a premium cigar lighter to make the moment even more special? We have carefully selected the manufacturing methods and finest materials for these accessories that are unique to S.T. Dupont, a member of the exclusive and prestigious Comité Colbert.

Cigar lighters: The deluxe choice

Why settle for less when a Cuban cigar can be enjoyed in the same way as a fine vintage wine? These opportunities for relaxation deserve the very best, allowing you to escape your thoughts, take pleasure in savouring the aromas and discover their subtleties. Just as one delights in writing with a handcrafted fountain pen, it is satisfying seeing the lighter flame consume the wrapper of a Dominican cigar. These moments with a calm and serene ambiance can be savoured all the more with fine accessories, a must for any ritual. A premium S.T. Dupont lighter for cigars or cigarillos will make all the difference with a refinement unique to the brand’s accessories. Practical to use daily, these coveted models have been crafted to generate a powerful flame. By choosing a quality rechargeable lighter, you are guaranteed a long-lasting accessory that will always be on hand when you want to unwind.

Gold, croco and palladium: Alluring precious finishes

Choosing a model specially made for cigars is an ideal way to truly discover your tastes and requirements, and well-crafted items are essential. Lovers of rare luxuries will treasure models from S.T. Dupont’s diverse collections with sleek and polished designs that stand out both for their features and high-quality detailing. If you are a fan of regattas, picture yourself enjoying a Havana cigar offshore. The Défi Extrême double flame model can light your cigar in the most extreme weather conditions — a must for adventurers. Alternatively, you can reflect on your feats back on firm ground in the comfort of your home while lighting a cigar with a model from the Le Grand S.T. Dupont Derby line. Its design offers increased versatility with a gold-toned or black lacquered finish asserting its prestigious style.

Exceptional models

For those hoping to the explore art of bespoke detail further and adopt a model for Cuban cigars, the Le Grand S.T. Dupont Cigar Club Noir or Le Grand Cohiba would be a fine choice. After the first collaboration with the renowned manufacturer, the company has renewed its partnership. This special edition commemorates the distinguished cigar brand. Find the cigar lighter to make these moments special.

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