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So much more than a mere writing instrument, the pen resembles a gem that carries within it all the memories of an entire life. Developed by the very best master goldsmiths and master lacquerers, S.T. Dupont pens meet the demands of connoisseurs with consummate skill.

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Luxury pens: A unique statement

The luxury pen has become an expression of a certain sophistication in the digital age now more than ever. Its usage gives value to time. The ink draws words and requires thought to focus on them to capture their importance. Presenting a luxury pen remains a very refined gift for men. A beautiful rollerball pen reflects the elegance of its owner. S.T. Dupont collections are emblematic of the French style of living. Each model is meticulously crafted in the Maison’s workshops to offer complete satisfaction to a masculine clientele searching for refinement and quality.

For the love of words

There is an absolute pleasure in taking out a luxury pen for men from the inside pocket of a jacket. The precision of the ink pen and the softness of the tip offers true pleasure and comfort. Writing becomes more flexible, fluid and precise, and its design provides the best hold in the palm of your hand. Writing will become a renewed hobby thanks to the exceptional features of this luxury writing instrument. Loving to write means loving words and considering the weight of their meaning.

Refined materials for remarkable finishes

Design and quality are symbolic of the luxury pen collections by S.T. Dupont. Materials are selected with the greatest care. The cap’s clip made of palladium, the chiselled gold nib and the guilloche silver or lacquered body all come together to make this deluxe, timeless writing instrument a chic model to slip into a leather case engraved with your initials for even more splendour. Pen lovers are always on the lookout for the piece that will stand out. As pioneers of French luxury, our brand has worked with celebrated artists to satisfy keen collectors. In 2004, Andy Warhol lent his talent for a pop art series. In 2011, Karl Lagerfeld developed several collections with the company.

High-quality pens and accessories

For S.T. Dupont, the Art of Writing is a speciality field in and of itself. The ink bottle and cartridges, tips for roller pens and graphite lead are specially made to prolong usage. A leather case or lighter in a matching motif or colour would complement this splendid present and make a resoundingly elegant gift set.

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