Velvet Collection

Inspired by the most sought-after colours of the season, the Velvet line combines iconic S.T. Dupont products with new bold and contemporary shades: Lilac, Ocean Blue and Graphite. Both urban and sophisticated, the Velvet collection blends the Maison’s renowned expertise to create a range fit for Haute Couture and automobile design. This sleek and modern line is sure to win you over with its matt finishes and powdery tones.

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Discover the Velvet collection by S.T. Dupont, a curated selection of iconic products dressed in vibrant and contemporary hues, reflecting the season's colors. Inspired by the trendiest colors of the season, this collection brings a touch of modernity to S.T. Dupont's sophisticated universe.

An array of captivating colors

The Velvet collection comes in three captivating shades: Lilac, Ocean Blue, and Graphite, embodying the essence of the season's colors. These vibrant and rich colors bring a fresh dimension to S.T. Dupont's iconic products. Whether it's lighters, pens, or cigar accessories, the Velvet collection unveils a refined color palette in perfect harmony with the latest trends.

Where sophistication meets urban elegance

The Velvet collection harmoniously combines urban refinement with sophistication, resulting in a distinctive fusion. Drawing inspiration from Haute Couture and automobile design, S.T. Dupont skillfully combines its iconic craftsmanship with modern elements, embodying the pinnacle of refined style and contemporary elegance.

Sleek beauty with a matte finish

The Velvet collection's matte finish imparts a subtle elegance to each item, crafting a smooth and velvety surface that adds a hint of sophistication to every piece. Whether it's pens with a matte finish or refined lighters, each object in the Velvet collection offers a captivating visual aesthetic in the season's colors.

Timeless refinement with delicate shades

The subtle tones of the Velvet collection embody both modernity and timelessness, effortlessly blending with any style while exuding timeless elegance. Whether you want to add a pop of color to your outfit or bring a touch of sophistication to your workspace, the Velvet collection by S.T. Dupont will captivate you with its versatility and distinctive style.

A statement of style

S.T. Dupont Velvet goes beyond being a mere collection of products. It embodies a statement of style, allowing you to express your personality and appreciation for elegance. Whether you are a fashion aficionado, a Haute Couture enthusiast, or a lover of refined accessories, the Velvet collection invites you to explore a new realm of sophistication and excellence.

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of S.T. Dupont's Velvet collection and experience the perfect fusion of refinement, modernity, and timeless elegance. Embrace your style with confidence and let yourself be enchanted by this unique collection, showcasing the beauty of the season's colors.

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