Quality information to the consumer

Quality information to the consumer

Our maintenance kit contains:

  • 1 Yellow gas refill - 000432
  • 1 silk brush
  • 1 soft cloth
  • 1 pack of 8 red flint
  • 1 tool to open and close the slide.
Know how : the traditional line
Know how : the traditional line


Unique lighter in the world crafted in solid brass
Precious materials: silver, palladium, pink and yellow gold, Chinese lacquer - Strong branding The most reliable lighter
70 components, 600 operations
300 quality controls.


Deep & shine natural lacquer
Crafting metal in the tradition of Goldsmith experts.


The crystalline sound is signature from the House

How to clean your lighter
How to clean your lighter

To keep your S.T. Dupont lighter looking like new, polish it with a soft cloth
Never use solvent-based products.

Use a special silver-cleaning cloth for all the silver-plated areas as we found in the maintenance kit ref: 088148V in the catalogue.
Clean any areas in natural lacquer as you would spectacles lenses or jewellery by breathing on it and buffing it with a soft cloth. Lacquer is virtually impervious to attack even from acid and water. It is exceptionally hard-wearing and highly resistant to knocks, scuffs and scratches.
Use the silk brush delicately to clean your lighter on the goldsmith part and especially the slider.

How to refill your lighter
How to refill your lighter

When the flame becomes lower or is difficult to light, your lighter may just need to be refilled.
How to fill the lighter with gas:

We recommend to use only our ST Dupont gas (ref 000432 for the Line 2 lighter).
Only use S.T. Dupont gas to refill your lighter.
For the lighters using the yellow refills.
1. Position your lighter vertically, pointing downwards.
2. Loosen the screw A.
3. Empty the gas tank by pressing the valve head(Using a ball-point pen).
4. Screw the refill very tightly, with the head pointing towards the bottom of the refill valve. Press on the refill, without forcing it, for 5 seconds to make sure your lighter is correctly filled. Repeat the process twice.
Quickly unscrew the refill once this process has been completed.
Perform this process away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, naked flames and any other source of inflammation.
These refills can be used to fill the lighter several times.

NB: For the lighters using the blue and red refills.
Empty the reservoir and place the refill directly into refill valve A, pushing it to the bottom without forcing it; hold for five seconds and repeat.
This refill can be used to fill the gas tank several times.

In our web site you can find the video to explain the process of refilling.

How to check the gas variation
How to check the gas variation

The ignition quality depends on the adjustment. If your lighter does not light correctly, adjust the setting using the system at the bottom of your lighter.


The flame adjustment button is found on the base of the lighter.
To increase the height of the flame, the button should be turned towards the + sign.
To reduce the flame, the button should be turned in the opposite direction.
Remember that the higher the flame, the faster the gas is used.
The gas will escape as long as the lid is left open

We would like to inform you all the new S.T.Dupont lighters will be shipped empty of gas.

Please note that a user instructions leaflet in 10 languages, here attached, will be included in the packaging of the product to explain the process of the first refill.

How to change the flint
How to change the flint

Your lighter contains one flint that is in use and a spare flint.
1. To change the flint in your lighter: Push the pin D down with your fingernail; the slide will then move backwards.
2. Remove the slide G from your lighter (except for Line 1 lighters) by gently pushing it backwards.
3. Take the spare flint out of its stowage A by turning the lighter over, keeping your finger on the flintwheel M.
4. Place the flint P in the channel against the flintwheel.
5. Replace the slide G in the channel, pushing it forward to the end with your index finger. The pin D should now go back to its uppermost position.

To make it easier for you, you can use the plastic tool to open the slider with the point of the D part.
To close the slider after hanling, with the concave part.
For the wheel check with your point of sales : S.T. Dupont stores