Porte-billets 6 cartes de crédit Cuir Line D
Black, Brown
Available colours

Porte-billets 6 cartes de crédit Cuir Line D

Structuré, remarquable et élégant, ce porte-billets bicolore ravira toutes les personnes à la recherche d'un accessoire S.T. Dupont classique teinté d'une touche d'originalité. Décliné en cuir de veau noir et marron, il est orné du logo D de S.T. Dupont e


Line D leather
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Product care & refills

Leather is a natural material and you need to care of it. To start with, leather is sensitive to water. It is therefore important to avoid prolonged contact and to dry your briefcase or wallet by dabbing it with a soft, light-coloured, cotton cloth if it gets wet. Similarly, leather is sensitive to heat, humidity and strong sunlight. It is strongly recommended to keep any leather items away from heat sources. And to clean the leather, do not use any wax or waterproofing type of maintenance product, but a slightly damp cloth made from a neutral colour, soft cotton.

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In the UK, for any enquiries regarding the after-sales service of your S.T. Dupont product, please contact our customer service team:

Email: service-client@st-dupont.com
Phone: +33 (0) 1 55 90 44 02

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Étui cartes de crédit Cuir Line D
Line D à moins de 150€ pour lui

Étui cartes de crédit Cuir Line D

Black, Brown
Credit cards holder, Line D Leather
Line D à moins de 150€

Credit cards holder, Line D Leather

Porte-documents Cuir Line D
Line D pour lui

Porte-documents Cuir Line D

Black, Brown


Fine leather products designed to fit an entrepreneurial lifestyle. Sleek lines and functionality create a range of leather goods with a strong presence and uncompromising modern style.

Best skins

The best skins are used: Line D leather, black or brown; Contraste leather, with its iconic and timeless crossed grain. Palladium clasps show case the power of the precios metal, and a hadn-stitched tricolour band recalls the brand's French identity.


Functionality is a key element in the design of the Line D. Laptop, iPad and Blackberry are essential accessories for the 21st century businessman. We kept the tradition and put extra attention to functionality of the products.

Exceptional Savoir Faire

A passion for producing the finest in luxury products. A design atelier where ideas and innovation are brought to life and where quality rings true.

The Savoir Faire of S.T.Dupont
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