One gusset briefcase, Leather & silver finishes
Night blue
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One gusset briefcase, Leather & silver finishes

A sophisticated classic designed for a connoisseur, the Atelier one gusset briefcase teams its functional design with a deep patina of fine midnight blue leather polished by the years. Using techniques from ST Dupont archives, this elegant accessory only gets better with age. It possesses two flat pockets for phones and papers, two more slots, one zippered pocket for keys and coins, one big flat pocket at the back, one large compartment for documents and a key holder with a lock key.

Leather, Silver
28 x 36 x 7 cm
Made in:
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Product care & refills
Leather is a natural material and you need to care of it. To start with, leather is sensitive to water. It is therefore important to avoid prolonged contact and to dry your briefcase or wallet by dabbing it with a soft, light-coloured, cotton cloth if it gets wet. Similarly, leather is sensitive to heat, humidity and strong sunlight. It is strongly recommended to keep any leather items away from heat sources. And to clean the leather, do not use any wax or waterproofing type of maintenance product, but a slightly damp cloth made from a neutral colour, soft cotton.
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Leather choice

We choose the best European calfskin, naturally vegetable tanned and without chemical finishes. This leather allows for a unique and nuanced diffusion of colours.


While the procedure remains the same for each piece, the result is always different. Depending on the colour constrasts obtained, the handmade production process gives the product its very own depth and soul.


This collection is hand patinated with extreme precision and care during a meticulous process. This requires a level of attainment acquired through the years of our workshop expertise. It reveals the Faverges know how in master trunk making.

Exceptional Savoir Faire

A passion for producing the finest in luxury products. A design atelier where ideas and innovation are brought to life and where quality rings true.

The Savoir Faire of S.T.Dupont
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