Ceinture en crocodile exotique et finition palladium 35 mm
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Ceinture en crocodile exotique et finition palladium 35 mm

Ces cuirs de caïman rares et extrêmement luxueux revêtus de ravissantes marques de sagesse ont été sublimés par les artisans de S.T. Dupont sous la forme d'une ceinture en cuir exotique rouge doublée en daim finitions palladium tout simplement unique.


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Your S.T. Dupont product does not require much maintenance. To restore it to its original shine, you can clean it with a soft cloth (never use solvent-based products). Treat all the Chinese lacquer parts as you would glasses lenses or jewellery. Cover the surface with condensation and rub with a soft cloth. Lacquer is practically impervious to acids. This exceptionally hard substance offers particularly good resistance to shocks, scratches, rubbing and water. When cleaning leather, do not use any wax-based or waterproofing cleaning products; instead use a slightly damp neutral-coloured soft cotton cloth.

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Lighter case, Line D Leather

Lighter case, Line D Leather


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