Ceinture en crocodile exotique et finition palladium 35 mm
Accessoire indispensable de la garde-robe d'un gentleman, cette élégante ceinture en précieux cuir exotique a été confectionnée à partir des peaux de caïman les plus lisses. Après être passé entre les mains délicates des artisans maroquiniers de S.T. Dupo


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Product care & refills

Your S.T. Dupont product does not require much maintenance. To restore it to its original shine, you can clean it with a soft cloth (never use solvent-based products). Treat all the Chinese lacquer parts as you would glasses lenses or jewellery. Cover the surface with condensation and rub with a soft cloth. Lacquer is practically impervious to acids. This exceptionally hard substance offers particularly good resistance to shocks, scratches, rubbing and water. When cleaning leather, do not use any wax-based or waterproofing cleaning products; instead use a slightly damp neutral-coloured soft cotton cloth.

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