The Gatsby Golden finishing
The Gatsby Golden finishing
The Gatsby Golden finishing

In 1976 came out the film adaptation of the famous book “The Great Gatsby”.
A decade was enough to make it a cult film. In 1989, the lighter of the same
name is created… Stylish, elegant and mysterious like the hero of Francis Scott Fitzgerald.
The specificity of this lighter, his double “Godron“ will make it a cult object.


Guilloché is a silversmithing effect that consists of tracing corrugated and parallel lines or that weave symetrically on a object with a specific tool (mostly, it is a diamond shaped tool). This exceptional piece comes from the archives of our House. It is in perfect working order. However, despite all our precautions, it may present some imperfections of aspect. This product is subject to after-sales service. Associated refill : Green (000433) Dimensions : 35x 55 x 10 mm

ref: RS150LI174