Ligne 2 Hôtel Particulier lighter
Ligne 2 Hôtel Particulier lighter
Ligne 2 Hôtel Particulier lighter

S.T. Dupont is commemorating the Maison’s 150th anniversary with this limited edition item paying tribute to the place where it all started: its first boutique at 8 bis rue Dieu in Paris. The Hôtel Particulier — a meeting place for prominent figures, including kings, emperors and maharajahs — rose to fame thanks to S.T. Dupont’s travel trunks, and everyone was placing orders. Adorned with an iconic decor and produced using fine materials, the Ligne 2 Hôtel Particulier lighter showcases the Maison’s long-standing expertise and heritage.


Large Ligne 2 lighter with a platinum microdiamond head finish, gold-plated silver Hôtel Particulier engraving and signature “cling” sound. Gentle and adjustable double flame. Limited edition of 150 numbered lighters. Associated flint : black (REF 900600) Associated gas refill : red (REF 900435)

ref: C16040


150 years of joy