Savoir faire

A passion for producing the finest in luxury products. A design atelier where ideas and innovation are brought to life and where quality rings true. A heritage dating back to 1872, where France’s most brilliant artisans are chosen to revive unique crafts of the past to create the exclusive and the exceptional.

A Commitment to Quality

We team technology with expertise to create quality products, individually designed and crafted to last. Objects of beauty and the heirlooms of the future.

Timeless Skills

A workshop where our talented artisans bring their innovation to seventeen rare skills, harnessing technology to turn cutting edge materials into distinctive objects of desire.

“Here is where these elegant products change from metal to precious metal. This is the stage where each one truly gains its value, and is born not just as a beautiful object but as something precious.”
Jean-Philippe Master Electroplater
“Where age-old technique and engraving expertise come together with innovative design to create objects that are unique.”
Georges Artisan Engraver
“test for clarity of tone and a crystal clear sound with no sticking, but the thing that marks out a lighter sound as special for me is the quality of the resonance. An S.T. Dupont lighter voice should carry, and stay ringing through the air a little longer than normal.”
Sylviane Resonance Tester
“Each piece of leather has its own personality. It’s lived a life already. It’s only by working closely with it, by hand, that you can read its character and transmit that to these beautiful products.”
Vincent Master Leatherworker

Our Heritage

The choice of connoisseurs for over 140 years, from visionaries and artists to world leaders and royalty. Exceptional products for exceptional people.

S.T. Dupont’s Heritage