A tradition of sustainability. Objects of beauty and the heirlooms of the future crafted to last and produced with care to enhance every day. Where luxury becomes a legacy, to be passed to future generations to keep the passion for the exceptional alive.

Our Environment

At our atelier close to Lake Annecy, we invest in sustainable processes to ensure we craft objects that are not only beautiful, but also in harmony with our environment.

Natural Lacquer

We believe in managing our lacquer plantations responsibly, replanting regularly to preserve the landscape and ensure our products respect the natural environment they come from.

Fair Trade

Our responsibility involves investing in fair trade processes that can build structures to support the future generations and communities involved at every stage of finessing precious metals.

Haute Création

When artists meet master artisans, technical precision gains a new aesthetic beauty. The art of Haute Création.

S.T. Dupont Haute Création