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Being exceptional is about having the vision and the expertise to challenge boundaries and charter new paths. With our uncompromising standards of excellence, we are proud to partner with the innovative, the iconic and the exceptional to create collections of unique limited editions.


S.T. Dupont presents a unique limited edition in tribute to one of the main masterpieces of the 20th century drawn by the greatest Pablo Picasso: Profil de femme from the year 1965. Discover this limited edition here:


Murder On The Orient Express

Unlock the mystery with the new limited edition by S.T. Dupont inspired by the new film Murder On The Orient Express.


Conquest of the Wild West

The legends of the West continue to inspire thanks to the frontier morality of the American pioneers.
The attraction for wide open space, the western saloon decorated with minute engravings inherited from the Neoclassic style

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Pirates of the Caribbean

Discover a legend that echoes through the centuries. Inspired by adventurers, created by artisans, the Pirates of the Caribbean collection continues the swashbuckling story.

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Fender Collection

The Fender Stratocaster, with its sunburst finish, shape and unique sound, became an instant icon and is synonymous with rock legends from Eric Clapton through Jimi Hendrix to the Arctic Monkeys. Celebrating the 70th anniversary of Fender with an iconic instrumental collection.

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Tony Stark / Iron Man

The new collection, stemming from the partnership between S.T. DUPONT and MARVEL highlights elegance, strength and provocative mystery - the multiple facets of a seductive man. Such an ideal man exists and is called Tony Stark ...or perhaps Iron Man?

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    Our swashbuckling artisans have drawn inspiration from their rebellious pirate hearts. The Pirates of the Caribbean collection breathes new life into these modern treasures.

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    With this unique anniversary collection, S.T.Dupont has reinvented the traditional art of lacquering to transform the famous sunburst patina of the Fender Stratocaster.

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  • The Tony Stark Collection

    This collection expresses the S.T. Dupont heritage: elegance á la française and ancestral French knowhow. Adorned with an original honeycomb motif on the lacquer and leather of a richly embellished range, it expresses a certain idea of contemporary chic.

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  • The Iron Man Collection

    This collection is a spectacular demonstration of the way S.T. DUPONT is rooted in the most dazzling modernity. It showcases a decisively innovative material resulting from three years of research and development conducted by S.T. DUPONT: Ceramium A.C.T.

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  • Star Wars The X-Wing™

    A new dimension to the epic Star Wars saga takes form in the X-Wing™writing instrument, which transforms into a gleaming fighter craft engraved to echo the original design. Engineered from revolutionary materials with signature S.T. Dupont craftsmanship, the X-Wing™ is available as a fountain pen, rollerball or ballpoint.

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  • Star Wars The TIE Fighter™

    Inspired by the dark side of the Force, the matt black TIE Fighter™ writing instrument balances its precision engineering with engraved details of the original cockpit plan designs, and the Galactic Empire symbol on its clip. Available as a fountain pen, rollerball or ballpoint in a limited edition of 1977 pieces.

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  • Star Wars Leather Goods

    The power of the Force inspires a collection of high performance leather products created from our smooth black or silver diamond leather. They feature the Star Wars logo.

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  • Shoot The Moon

    Celebrating the power of imagination to change the world, Shoot the Moon teams the intricate designs of 19th century space travel visionary Jules Verne with S.T. Dupont’s innovative spirit of adventure.

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