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Where can I buy S.T. Dupont products?

S.T. Dupont products are sold exclusively in S.T. Dupont boutiques and through authorized retailers.
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How can I be sure that a product is authentic?

S.T. Dupont strongly warns against counterfeiting. To combat it effectively, we advise that you purchase our products and refills only from authorized sales outlets. Authentic articles are sold in their original packaging and are always accompanied by an International Warranty.

We don’t currently sell our goods on-line and so are unable to guarantee the authenticity of products sold as S.T. Dupont items via the internet.


How are our products manufactured?

S.T. Dupont's collections are manufactured in France. The main manufacturing site is at Faverges in Upper Savoy. Every worker, artisan and technician in our workshops strives for perfection, quality and consistency in their work.

From the very start, the goldsmith's craft has played an important part in the creation of S.T. Dupont goods, because the many precious accessories adorning travel cases of that time were decorated with intricate guilloches created by goldsmiths. Goldsmiths work with precious or rare metals such as gold or silver, palladium or platinum. The work comprises three processes: decorating an article with guillochage, carving and engraving, and polishing and plating. The guilloches are carved from the (brass) block meticulously to ensure a long lifetime. Confident in its expertise, S.T. Dupont creates technically complex designs: huge polished surfaces that would show up even the slightest flaw, or ridged guilloche work that requires great precision. This technical prowess means that unique, original patterns can be created in contemporary styles time and time again. Many hundreds of patterns have already been created.

Lighters undergo 500 to 600 basic treatments and around 70 parts, and the manufacturing process lasts for around 4 to 5 months in general. Every article is unique because the worker who assembles the lighter engraves his initials under the striker wheel. These initials reflect the quiet pride that goes into manufacturing the object.

The manufacture of a pen requires 140 to 150 basic processes and 10 to 20 parts (excluding refills).
The manufacturing process lasts 2 to 3 months in general.

Fine leather goods is an area that S.T. Dupont is not as well-known for.
However, the brand owes its success to its fine leather goods, which was its original trade. Today, S.T. Dupont offers 5 lines in leather goods, all of exceptionally high quality, ranging from premium to top premium. With the highest quality in mind, S.T. Dupont selects the finest hides in Europe.
They are worked with great care so as to combine beauty and resilience. S.T. Dupont works with the best French, Italian and Spanish manufacturers known for their savoir-faire in leather goods.
The quality of the accessories is perfect: finished with gold, palladium or ruthenium reminiscent of the expertise of S.T. Dupont goldsmiths.


What is the history of Maison S.T. Dupont?

Originally from Savoy, Simon Tissot-Dupont settled in Paris as a trunk maker. As the founder of the dynasty, S.T. Dupont owes its initials to him - "S.T.", for Simon Tissot. In 1941, S.T. Dupont brought out a petrol lighter.
Then, in 1952, after two years of research, S.T. Dupont brought out its first gas lighter. The success of the lighter was such that the company dedicated itself from that point onwards exclusively to its production.
Solid brass replaced aluminium. Gold and silver embellish patterns that are more and more sophisticated.
The use of solid brass for the lighter's body meant that it could be decorated with detailed, elegant guillochages.
Find out more about the history of S.T. Dupont - master goldsmith, lacquerer and manufacturer of luggage. Read more

What is Chinese lacquer?

Chinese lacquer is of vegetable origin. It is the sap of a tree, the Rhus Vernicifera, which can reach a height of 10 m and a diameter of 40cm. The lacquer is extracted by incision and is collected over 5 months in buckets made of bamboo. The sap turns light brown when it comes in contact with air and takes on the consistency of latex.
How do I know if it is real Chinese lacquer?

The leaf of the lacquer tree is stamped on the lacquered lighters and pens of S.T. Dupont. It is a means of identifying that authentic Chinese lacquer has been used. 


How do I look after my S.T. Dupont product?

To find out how to look after your STD product, to fill or change the flint of your lighter or to refill your pen, we recommend you read the lighter and pen instruction leaflets .        


  • Looking after your LIGHTER

Your S.T. Dupont lighter needs very little maintenance. To make it look brand new again, clean the outside with a soft cloth (never use solvent-based products).

For the silver-plated areas, use a special silver cloth available in shops.
For the Chinese lacquered parts, do as you would to clean the lenses of spectacles or jewellery. Steam the surface by blowing on it and then rub with a soft cloth. The lacquer is resistant to most acids.Exceptionally hard, it is particularly resistant to shock, scratches, friction and water.


  • Looking after your PEN

Your S.T. Dupont pen needs very little maintenance. To make it look brand new again, clean it with a soft cloth (never use solvent-based products). For the silver-plated areas, use a special silver cloth. Silver is a precious metal which tends to oxidize. This is a natural phenomenon which can be aggravated the longer your pen stays in contact with leather or rubber.

Only the fountain pen requires special attention:
It is recommended that you use S.T. Dupont cartridges.
Remember to clean the feeder tube of the nib unit regularly. Using cold water, pump the converter so that the water runs through the capillary feed. Continue until the water runs clear.
To avoid leakage during flights, put a new cartridge or a full converter into your pen, and keep it upright with the nib facing upwards. 


  • Looking after LEATHER GOODS

Leather is a natural material which needs care. Firstly, leather is sensitive to water.
Therefore, it is important to avoid prolonged contact with water and to dry your briefcase or wallet by dabbing it with a light-coloured, soft cotton cloth if it becomes wet.
Leather is also sensitive to heat, moisture and strong light. We strongly recommend that you keep leather articles away from heat sources.
To clean the leather, do not use any wax-based or waterproofing products; instead, use a slightly damp, light-coloured, soft cotton cloth.


What are the safety instructions for my S.T. Dupont lighter?

  •  Keep the lighter out of the reach of children.
  •  Your lighter contains pressurized, inflammable liquid and should be used with caution.
  •  Do not expose your lighter to temperatures higher than 50°C or to sunlight for long periods of time.
  •  Do not refill the lighter near a flame. Keep it away from your face and from clothes when lighting, adjusting or refilling.
  •  Do not puncture or incinerate lighters or cartridges.
  •  Only adjust the lighter with tools designed for this purpose.
  •  For any additional flame adjustment, contact an S.T. Dupont agent
  •  Only use S.T. Dupont gas to refill your lighter.

Which collection does my S.T. Dupont product belong to?

To identify the exact collection that your article belongs to, we suggest you browse our on-line catalogue, or contact our After-sales service
Unfortunately, S.T. Dupont cannot value antique articles.
To do this, we recommend you refer to the current price of an equivalent article. 


How do I refill my S.T. Dupont lighter with gas?

Note: Do not do refill near a naked flame

  • For the 1, 2 and GATSBY lines
    • Drain the reservoir by pushing down the top of the valve (using a pencil).
    • Refilling is achieved through the difference in pressure, so warm the refill in your hand but keep the lighter far away from any heat source (the temperature difference enables you to control the refilling process).
    • Gently screw the refill in fully. The transparent part of the refill enables you to control the refilling process.
  • For the miniJet / MaxiJet
    • Keep your lighter upright, with the flame release facing down.
    • Insert the tip of the S.T. Dupont refill into the valve, keeping it straight, and push down gently. Hold for several seconds.
  • For the D line
    • Insert the cartridge into the refill valve and push down gently.
    • Hold for 5 seconds and then repeat the process. The refill allows your lighter to be refilled twice.
  • For the D- light line
    • To get to the refill valve, lift the back plate with your fingernail and turn it to block it.
    • To get the best results when refilling, we advise that you empty the reservoir by pushing down the top of the valve (using a pencil).
    • Insert the cartridge into the refill valve, keeping it straight, and push it down gently. Hold for 5 seconds and then repeat the process until gas starts to escape. This refill allows your lighter to be refilled 5 times.


We recommend that you wait 5 minutes before using the lighter to allow it to reach room temperature again.
Note: Certain refills or other refilling systems can be dangerous and can damage your lighter.
We strongly recommend that you use S.T. Dupont's gas which guarantees the purity required to ensure that your product functions well.


How do I refill my S.T. Dupont pen?

All S.T. Dupont's ballpoint pens, with the exception of the mini Olympio, have a ball/lead mechanism. One of S.T. Dupont's most significant innovations, the pens can be refilled either with a ballpoint pen refill or with a lead refill coupled with an eraser for ease of use. This mechanism is very practical; a half-turn of the pen's cap with your hand and the tip is released.

  • To change the ball-point pen for the lead, and vice versa
    • Remove the cap.
    • Unscrew the refill, or in the case of the mini Olympio, turn the mechanism anti-clockwise.
    • Insert and screw in the new refill or mechanisms. 
  • To change the ball-point pen or lead refill of your Classique, Olympio Large, Medium and Caprice pen 
    • Follow the instructions for replacing the ballpoint pen with lead.
    • Then replace your used ball-point pen or lead refill with a new refill.

  • Fountain pens
    • S.T. Dupont's fountain pens can be refilled using cartridges or a converter.
    • A wide selection of nibs is available to accommodate for all tastes and writing styles.
  • To change your Caprice ring
    • Open your pen as if to change your refill or cartridge.
    • Remove the ring.
    • Replace your ring with a new one: 2 little fitings guide it into place.


What are the guarantee conditions for an S.T. Dupont product?

Read more about the conditions of guarantee


How do I contact the After-sales Service?

Many repair centres exist throughout the world. Please, contact the centre that is closest to you for any information, service or repair :

Services Centers all around the World