S.T.Dupont associates the French excellence with Streamline, legendary movement which transformed the American industrial design in the 30s, and creates a new line of writing: STREAMLINE-R.


His dynamic design, purified with slightly curved lines, is inspired by the fallen of the drop which symbolizes the perfect forms of the aerodynamism.

Of new design, the line Streamline-R is mainly realized in CERAMIUM A.C.T ., the new revolutionary material was created by S.T.Dupont. Alliance of the ceramic and the aluminum, the Ceramium A.C.T. gets an incomparable lightness while insuring a resistance of very high level.

In matt or grey black brushed metal, the collection Streamline-R comes in fluid ball, roller and golden feather 14ct.




Every pen is accompanied with its pencil box, so becoming an object of unique decoration.


S.T.Dupont imagined Line D as a masculine and traditional line with generous and established proportions. The curved and harmonious form of the cap combines with the smooth lines of the barrel to provide a simple, timeless elegance.
Elegance, noble materials, quality and tradition are the values expressed by this line of writing instruments.
Crafted from metal, the weight of each Line D pens is just right, providing reassurance when handled: “The weight of excellence”.

The highest-performing and most precise pen of its generation. Designed as a truly sophisticated object, like a fighter jet, its dynamic, vigorous and elegant design makes it both contemporary and masculine at the same time.
Its innovative and unique construction combines a high precision injected metal frame, finished in palladium, and a carbon fiber body.
Never before has a pen provided you with such an intense and rapid gliding sensation.
The Défi pen will delight you with its clear, precise and fluid writing.

Faithful to its philosophy of excellence cultivated since 1872, S.T.Dupont has created “Liberté” a new collection of writing instruments devoted entirely to women.
The rounded ends, emphasized by a slender, slightly cone-shaped body, illustrate the perfect proportions of an object imbued with noble Sensuality.
The beautiful contrasting materials, palladium and lacquer, highlight the exquisitely refined details of the Liberté line. The top of the cap, perfectly faceted like a brilliant cut diamond, bears the seal of the brand. The faceted clip decorates the pen with a touch of sparkle.

Jackie Kennedy loved her Dupont lighter so much that in 1973 she ordered a matching pen. So S.T.Dupont hit on the idea of reproducing the roller of the lighter as the body of a pen. Another Dupont icon was born: the “Classique”. With its slender form, the first luxury ballpoint became symbolic of modern design.
Again, the workshop brought forward its exceptional craftsmanship. A new product, a new sensation: people went wild for the Classique, not only for its impeccable looks, but also its perfect balance and fluid writing.
Iconic to the brand, its fine and slender shape still appeals today.

More than just a writing instrument, the new line Jet 8 Pen enables its owners to express their own style and creativity thanks to a large range of bright, lively colours.
The Jet 8 Pen is a ballpoint, with a unique design, dynamic and contemporary, combining a metallic structure and a high-density composite body.
Easy to use, light and extremely well balanced, the Jet 8 Pen fits perfectly in the hand. Its special ultra-glide ink offers an exceptional writing experience.

Our Collection - Pens

So much more than a mere writing instrument, the pen resembles a gem that carries within it all the memories of an entire life. Developed by the very best master goldsmiths and master lacquerers, S.T.Dupont pens meet the demands of connoisseurs with consummate skill.

With the beauty of their lines, the precious nature of their materials, the accuracy instilled by their weight, and the suppleness of their handling — more than ever before, these are exceptional objects destined to give pleasure to their users.

Fashioned from metal to give superior strength, the S.T.Dupont pen takes shape in the hands of our master craftsmen over the course of 150 separate processes. The metalwork, the application of the lacquer, and the combination of exceptional materials are the result of invaluable know-how handed down from generation to generation.

The nib is subject to meticulous attention: in solid gold, each nib is handcrafted and polished by our Master Craftsman giving a superlative quality to writing.

Symbols of elegance and culture, these pens have been part of the French luxury tradition cultivated by S.T.Dupont since 1872. As a result, they celebrate beautifully an art of living that is also the art of writing... the story of your life.