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Our Collection - Lighters

Over time, the S.T.Dupont lighter, the emblematic product of the famous house, has become a cult object passed down from generation to generation.


In 1941, S.T.Dupont created the first luxury lighter. Practical and sophisticated, it was also synonymous with elegance thanks to its pure lines, its fine materials and its reassuring, satisfying weight.

From the body to the tank, S.T.Dupont lighters are fashioned entirely from a block of solid brass resulting in a hard-wearing object that can withstand the test of time. S.T.Dupont lighters are technically advanced products ensuring maximum reliability: the production of a single lighter requires no fewer than 70 components, 600 operations, and 300 quality control tests. Production time for a lighter is 4 to 5 months.

The lighter has become an S.T.Dupont icon.

This precious object is adorned with silver, gold, palladium or lacquer. Now a genuine cult item, it has gained some of the immortality that belongs only to a certain Art... The Art of Fire.


In its constant quest for innovation, S.T.Dupont launched a new line of torch flame lighters in 2000; light and er gonomic, with a decidedly modern design ensuring efficient lighting in all circumstances.

So as to better meet the expectations of discerning cigar smokers, S.T.Dupont created the torch lighter in the same body as traditional lighter.

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Our Collection - Pens

So much more than a mere writing instrument, the pen resembles a gem that carries within it all the memories of an entire life. Developed by the very best master goldsmiths and master lacquerers, S.T.Dupont pens meet the demands of connoisseurs with consummate skill.

With the beauty of their lines, the precious nature of their materials, the accuracy instilled by their weight, and the suppleness of their handling — more than ever before, these are exceptional objects destined to give pleasure to their users.

Fashioned from metal to give superior strength, the S.T.Dupont pen takes shape in the hands of our master craftsmen over the course of 150 separate processes. The metalwork, the application of the lacquer, and the combination of exceptional materials are the result of invaluable know-how handed down from generation to generation.

The nib is subject to meticulous attention: in solid gold, each nib is handcrafted and polished by our Master Craftsman giving a superlative quality to writing.

Symbols of elegance and culture, these pens have been part of the French luxury tradition cultivated by S.T.Dupont since 1872. As a result, they celebrate beautifully an art of living that is also the art of writing... the story of your life.

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Our Collection - Leather Goods

In 1872, Simon Tissot Dupont established a luggage and leather goods workshop, and began to produce a steady stream of exceptional products for the highest social circles.

His vision was the Art of Travel, accompanied by trunks and luggage with a personal touch in every detail.

Emperor Napoleon III and Empress Eugénie were among S.T.Dupont’s first customers, quickly followed by the European elite. It soon became essential to travel with S.T.Dupont luggage.

People loved the fine skins, sourced exclusively in France, Italy and Spain, and the perfect finishes S.T.Dupont achieved. They marveled at the workshop’s manufacturing secrets.

Three emblematic leathers catch our attention. Diamond leather, tanned using diamond powder — a process invented by the founder of S.T.Dupont — offers a mirror-finish brilliance and is available only upon request. The iconic Contrast leather of the first S.T.Dupont trunks has been chosen for various essential accessories, with the timeless elegance of its finely veined grain. Elysée leather, a legendarily smooth calfskin, takes its inspiration from S.T.Dupont’s very first collection of small leather goods “Fauve”, and is available in black or brown.

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Our Collection - Accessories

For almost forty years, S.T.Dupont has been dressing men with elegant belts and accessories.

Cufflinks, tie bars, money clips and key rings become precious jewels. Master craftsmen working with palladium, yellow or pink gold — on lacquer or silversmithed decors — produce exquisite work. These hand-polished, machined or crafted products are a statement of slender, pure, minimalist design.

S.T.Dupont also offers a wide range of belts, adorning all our classical and casual wear with extra style and elegance.

The search for perfection is found in the smallest details, making every belt unique.

Haute creation

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Our Collection - Haute création


At a time of global standardisation, S.T.Dupont takes great pride in the unique character of its designs. This commitment to high standards was recognised in November 2012, when S.T.Dupont was awarded the Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Companies) seal of quality by the French authorities. This distinction is reserved for companies with exceptional expertise in skilled craftsmanship or industry.

But for S.T.Dupont, it was essential to take this pursuit of excellence and uniqueness even further. In 2013, the House has opened a “Haute Création” department devoted to creating 100% hand-crafted and individually numbered lighters and pens to order.

S.T.Dupont has gathered together the most highly-skilled craftsmen for these creations, to combine rare or almost extinct techniques with powerful and original inspiration.


In their workshops in Faverges in the Haute-Savoie region of France, S.T.Dupont’s craftsmen pursue excellence each day, whether in design, fashioning metals or assembling the high-precision mechanisms of lighters and pens. Their mastery of the renowned techniques of Chinese lacquer and six-layer plating no longer needs to be proved.

For these exceptional collections, the House has also called upon master-craftsmen with a recognized international reputation. All have received the “EPV” seal of quality; they are metal-founders, sculptors, engravers, gunsmiths, cutlers and jasper specialists. They bring their love of perfection and a very personal aesthetic vision to each piece.

This collaboration gives rise to some unique and spectacular objects, whether through their inspiration, their materials or the fact that they use the ancestral expertise that the “Haute Création” department is helping to perpetuate.

Limited Editions

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Collection - Limited editions

Every creation is born from a desire to surpass the previous one. A search for beauty, uniqueness and dreams. A yearning, to share your passion and produce an object with timeless appeal.

The story of S.T.Dupont is rooted in two equally strong wishes: to create something truly exceptional, and to share it with the world. Like a one-off Haute Couture garment designed for one individual, or a limited edition artwork, it’s the rarity of an S.T.Dupont piece that makes it special.

S.T.Dupont designs exceptional products in order to share the intense pleasure of a longawaited and rare creation with a small number of keen collectors.

These pieces often pay homage to a specific event, famous individual or artistic movement. Every piece reflects expertise and a love of perfection.

These collections are unique and exclusive, fashioned in limited numbers for discerning buyers all over the world.