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My S.T. Dupont product needs repairing. What do I need to do?

Whether the problem you are experiencing with your S.T. Dupont product is covered by our guarantee or the guarantee has expired, please send your product to the following address:

MBC - BP 97 - 74210 Giez - France

or contact another Services Center all around the World

S.T. Dupont can only undertake a repair of the product if, when you send your product, you enclose:
Your full and precise contact details;
A description of the problem experienced; AND
Proof of purchase (copy of the purchase invoice, sales guarantee).

Where the product is under guarantee, you should also enclose your guarantee card.
We strongly suggest that you send your package using a tracked courier service.
We cannot be held responsible for the loss of your package, if you use a method of transport that does not track package movements.


Once my S.T. Dupont product has been sent to after-sales, what happens then?

Upon receipt and after examination:

If the fault is covered by guarantee, a no-charge repair will be carried out.

If the fault is not covered by guarantee, a quotation stating the cost of the repairs will be sent to you by email or letter. We will only carry out the repairs after you have accepted the quotation.


How can I contact the after-sales department?

Please contact one of our Services Centre .

Is there an after-sales guarantee?

S.T. Dupont's after-sales department guarantees any work done for twelve (12) months, both parts and labour, from the date that the item leaves our repair workshop. This guarantee only covers the repair to the product and is separate from the two-year customer guarantee.


What does the after-sales department do when I send it my S.T. Dupont product?

Once your product has been examined, there are several repair packages that might apply (as an example):

Lighters, pens and watches:

- Returning your product to its original condition, so that it works as it did when new.
- Visible surfaces cleaned.
- Quality control (appearance, operation, adjustment, etc.).


What does after-sales service cost?

Applicable prices as of 01/07/2013 in France (for example):


After Sales Services


what happens if my S.T. Dupont product cannot be repared?If, after examination, it is decided that your product cannot be repaired, you will be sent a letter explaining the fault, together with your product in its present condition.